F. John Ercole

The Dalles

Political platform statement

Why I am running for this office: I am running to assist with the creation of local jobs and the retention of our cherished small business sustainability because more sustainable jobs and businesses will promote civil growth and keep families in the area. This will also provide more opportunities for our students graduating from high school that may not want to go directly to university or trade school, but instead desire to join the local workforce. I want to see lower cost housing in The Dalles so that families and individuals living in the area do not need to spend large portions of their paycheck on rent or mortgage and can maintain a decent standard of living. I feel The Dalles needs to look into economic development services that can aid our Latino community members so that families can flourish and grow. We as a City should look to Oregon’s Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist our low-income disabled veterans refurbish their homes to make them more accessible. We need road upgrades and maintenance all throughout The Dalles because our streets are not safe. Many are unpaved, worn from weather, without gutters, without sidewalk, lack signs that would increase safety, etc. and need to be further developed and maintained for proper traffic use, weather conditions, and further development of our beloved community.