Dan Richardson

The Dalles

Political platform statement

Why I am running for this office: I am running to bringing a fresh, independent perspective to the council and make a meaningful contribution to my hometown, The Dalles. Having served on the city’s budget committee, and on various volunteer programs and projects, I am ready to take up this work from day one. I will be good at it, and the service to my town would be gratifying to me, too. I will be a diligent, hard-working councilor, providing leadership that’s neighborly and transparent, but also fearless in asking questions and tackling big issues. And there are quite a number of big issues before us in The Dalles. Pandemic recovery is a pressing one, but there are other longstanding things that the city council must addresses. Homelessness and affordable housing have gotten some recent, and deserved, attention, and there other issues I’d dig into if elected, such as downtown vitality, making The Dalles a more supportive environment for small businesses, completing priority infrastructure projects, like the Dog River pipeline replacement, and quality-of-life projects like building Mill Creek trail to connect to Riverfront Trail.