The Dalles Oregon

Political platform statement

Why I am running for this office: Gibson's "peace through culture" campaign builds upon the momentum of great work(s) both past, present, and future. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Jason's predecessor's have pressed him forward, compelling him to deliver the following (5) five key points: 1. In memory of Mr. Buckminister Fuller... "we cannot fix problems by means of the same methods which created them, we must need(s) build a better model!" That model has been in place since 1935, however since the human species is entrenched in trauma, violence, crime, and war, we have lost sight of the opportunity which is present (in perfect clarity) each and every day. The Discovery of the Law of Time (1989) "makes conscious what's unconscious" - the root cause of memory amnesia is the result of following an artificial timing frequency (12:60), where "time is money." Therefore, our first priority should be the re-naturalization (13:28+1) of constituents citizens according to the mandate of the biosphere, via the return to natural law/natural time and the objectives specified by the World 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Initiative. 2. Activate the New Hub Valley Gorge Community Action Vision Council - apply the self-organizing principles (Science of Synchronicity), and the elegance of the 13 Moon Calendar to orchestrate group activities. 3. Re-present the Deluxe Small Business Revolution Campaign for a "New Time Economy," and explore "Time-Based Art." 4. Introduce the N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T Self-realization Science of Synchronicity to all social forms, institutions, and government entities. 5. Fly the banner of peace and commemorate the principles of the Roerich Peace Pact (1935) - thank you.