Anna Williams

Powell, Wyoming

Political platform statement

Why I am running for this office: I’m running for re-election because, despite all the great work the legislature has done since I took office -- passing the nation’s strongest paid family leave policy, for example, and finally increasing funding for our faltering public schools -- Oregon still faces immense challenges that I feel specially equipped to overcome. Rural communities like ours are reeling under the weight of the pandemic, and as we seek to recover in the years to come, the tensions that keep us from finding common ground across parties will likely remain. My background in social work has taught me quite a bit about finding empathy in conflict, and pushing for compromise even in cases of extreme adversity. My rural upbringing has taught me the important ways that communities like ours are unique, and how we need representation that has a real impact. My progressive values have taught me the importance of making sure that everyone -- not just those with the right connections, upbringing, or income -- deserves to have their interests protected through a crisis. Our district benefits from having an empathetic and collaborative voice at the table in this state’s majority party, a voice that can press for compromise and collaboration rather than further division or disregard of communities like ours. I’m running for office so I can keep doing the important work I’ve been doing for two years: ensuring that the voices of my neighbors are represented at that table, and that compromise remains an essential part of the legislative process.